Legion Sports

Sporting events are a major part of the Royal Canadian Legion's mandate. The  Legion program consists of competitions in various sports and games at  the Branch, Zone, District, Provincial and Dominion levels. In addition  to this there is a national track and field competition.

Branch 112 Sports:

There are a few dart leagues organized for the winter months. We one  horseshoe league and one dart league in the summer. There are no other  leagues currently running but the branch sports officer is available to assist anyone with setting one up. Cards and cribbage boards are  available in the branch for member's use at any time. We have one  shuffleboard table and one pool table in the branch. Dart boards can be used by members at any time when leagues are not playing.

There are annual in-house competitions held for branch championships in the following games and sports: cribbage, darts, euchre, golf, shuffleboard and snooker. The times and dates of the individual competitions are  posted on sign-up sheets in the dart room. The winners names are  recorded on trophy plaques in the dart room.

Note: In order to participate in branch sports, you must be a member in good standing with dues paid up-to-date.

Zone, District, Provincial and Dominion sports:

There are competitions held annually and the following are currently part of  the program. Cribbage, darts (open & mixed) , euchre, five pin  bowling, golf, horseshoes, lawn bowling, shuffleboard, snooker, 8 ball  and ten pin bowling. The times and dates of the individual competitions are posted on sign-up sheets.

Note: In order to participate in Zone sports, members must be in good standing and have their dues paid up by December 31st.

Please contact the branch Sports Officer for further information at the branch or by email sports@whitbylegion.ca

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