In the summer of 1930 Branch 112 of the Royal Canadian Legion in Whitby  purchased a Section at Groveside Cemetery in Brooklin for burial of  World War 1 veterans.

Groveside Cemetery is located at the east side of Highway 12 (Baldwin Street) between Whitby and Brooklin.

In April 1953 a second section was purchased adjacent to the north of  Section No. 1. In 1980 a third Section was acquired to the south of  Section No. 1. Between Sections No. 1 and 3 are public graves. The  Legion burial sections are adjacent Highway 12 between the two driveways into the Cemetery.

At the end of 2005, Sections No. 1 and 2 received 113 casket burials and 4 cremation burials, for a total of 117 internments.

Internments now include veterans from Word War 2, and may include veterans of other military conflicts in which Canada has been or will be engaged in.  Section No. 3 has no internments as of the end of 2005.

In 1960 a Memorial Stone was purchased through the Branch and dedicated by Branch Chaplain Rev. D. Marshall and Branch President Vernon MacCarl.

A 25’(7.6 m) tall flag pole was installed in October 1997.

Uniformly designed markers are placed in five (5) rows running north-south. The  rows are numbered A”, B”, C”, D” and “E”. Row A” being the closest  to the west edge of the cemetery (adjacent Highway 12). Individual  graves are numbered 1 to up to 28 in every row, i.e. A1, A2, B1, etc.  Numbering is from south to north (left to right when standing on the  cemetery driveway looking west at the headstones).

To locate a veteran’s grave, refer to the diagram with all names listed.

Digital photos of all headstones are also included on this web page.

Disclaimer: Please note that the plot plan layout drawing was prepared by the Legion Cemetery Committee and does not necessarily follow Groveside Cemetery standards. The plot plan drawing was prepared only as a reference for grave locations and Legion record keeping.

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